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Building Your Confidence with Clothes

You're not alone if you're unhappy with your body. The most common complaints usually relate to size and shape such as "my boobs are too small' or "my bottom is too big". No body part is spared criticism; "my arms are too flabby", "my knees are ugly". The list of under-performing body parts is endless!

But you know what? In the majority of cases we can't do a damn thing to change these perceived imperfections. And just as well, because you are who you are and you are loved for who you are. You now just have to learn to love yourself.

Begin by reminding yourself that the body beautiful you see in the glamour mags represents only a small percentage of the myriad of body shapes in the real world and most wouldn't even look like that without a starvation diet and air-brushing.

Then start to recognize the pressures we put on ourselves through our often negative thoughts.

Once you have made a commitment to "love yourself as you are" then here is the best way to move forward and make that wish a reality.

Firstly, understand your body and its proportions. Then understand the stylist's secrets and how they can be best applied to your shape and characteristics. A good part of why magazine models look so good is that they have been properly styled! Once you understand and apply this it can be life changing!

So let's start with body shape.

You have probably read about the different categories, one version being Pear, Apple, Inverted Triangle, Hourglass, Rectangle and Column.

Some figures fit neatly into these categories whilst many are a combination of these shapes.

The most important aspect of choosing clothes is to ensure that they sit on your body in a flattering and comfortable way (Read our article Body Shapes).

Next is colour.

Don’t just opt for the safety of black.

Hold the fabric to your skin. Does it lift your skin and make you glow? The whites of your eyes should appear brighter if the colour works. And don’t forget that different shades of the same colour can be very different when it comes to working for you.

A good wardrobe should be based around two or three neutrals and a few accent colours. When putting colours together, three colours generally look good in an outfit but more can spoil it.
And finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes you need the eyes of someone else to spot your best features and make the most of them. At Refined Rig we pride ourselves in spending the time to make women look and feel great.