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Sun’s Styling Tips – How to Wear Black

Are you an all-black when it comes to dressing up? Is your wardrobe a sea of “safe” black items you wear to hide your flaws? Is black your default setting? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then listen up!

There are alternatives to wearing a block of nondescript black. Avoid disappearing into the darkness by adding some balancing touches, while still staying on trend. Black is definitely still in, but there are ways to make it work better for you.

Try these on for size:
•    Wear different shades or textures of black in layers. This relieves the monotony of plain head-to-toe black and can look smart and well as funky.

•    If you have a pale complexion, or you’re a bit older, don’t wear black too close to your face because it can be draining. Wear something brighter to lift the face. Metallics or grey tones are ideal – and they’re in the same tonal range as black, so will blend in perfectly if you still want to wear black on your bottom half.

•    Wear bold colours with black (such as red) but carry through with the contrast. If you wear a red shirt with a black sleeveless top or black trousers, then try carrying a red bag or wearing red shoes (or both!).

•    Black lace is a great for adding texture and delicate detail, and has the added benefit of breaking up bigger areas of your body, such as hips or the bust, by creating a visual distraction. It’s pretty and it can make you look smaller!

•    For a theatrical look, Gothic styles, such as maxi dresses, long skirts or high necks, are fabulous in black (but remember to avoid high necks if you have a large bust).

•    Good news for Little Black Dress fans – they’re not just for evening wear anymore!  That great wardrobe staple has morphed into day-to-day wear, depending on the fabric and how you accessorise it. Bling will bring an LBD to life in an instant (especially diamonds or diamantes!) and what an excuse to wear fabulous shoes. 
Just remember to choose a dress that’s the right shape for you.

•    Last but not least – a little bit of black in each piece you wear can tie an outfit together. Loving black doesn’t mean you have to wear it head to toe.